We started working on this project 8 years ago. Since the last 5 we try to create a self-finance economy network that allows us to built a social project through the sale of jewellery products. Made by friends and fellow collectors fair trade artists, its our aim to allocate the profits of these sales to create a working space where people with problems of integration can work in good conditions making jewellery.


The origin of the project was a trip of one year living in the street and feeling the problematic of the homeless people. During the trip i learned from nothing to work the jewellery and I learned the importance of feeling useful and able to create.

In all our products, good quality is always a must and we always try to make the production process as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are also looking forward to contact with different social projects and with pleasure collaborate with them giving workshops for people with problems of integration, workshops of art-therapy, etc.